R+T 2024 in top shape

Enthusiasm among participants | The sector forges the future in a sustainable way

From February 19 to 23, 2024, the doors of R+T, the world's leading trade fair specialized in blinds, doors/gates and solar protection systems, were opened again. In total, 1,020 companies from 43 countries presented their innovations at R+T 2024. With an exhibition area of 120,000 gross m2, the entire Messe Stuttgart venue was fully booked. 61,232 visitors from 146 countries came to Stuttgart to learn firsthand about the latest products and services in the sector. «Thus, R+T once again confirms its role as the world's leading trade fair specialized in blinds, doors/gates and solar protection systems. With this, it once again consolidates itself as a global meeting point for the sector. We are pleased to have been able to build on the success of the previous edition and even increase the quality of visitors,” summarizes Roland Bleinroth, CEO of Messe Stuttgart. «Due to the six-year break, our expectations regarding the number of exhibitors and visitors were certainly quite high. “So we are very pleased to have met and far exceeded these expectations.” Sebastian Schmid, member of the management of Messe Stuttgart, adds: “The results of R+T 2024 have been truly positive. Our event in Stuttgart has once again brought together the global blinds, doors/gates and sun protection sector. Certainly, we are very proud. This would not have been possible without the loyalty of our long-time partners and exhibitors. “The R+T show has once again undoubtedly lived up to its reputation as a platform for the best products and innovations in the sector.”

Entrada R+T

The main theme and the program of events are completely right

Also the main theme of R+T 2024 «Future. Sustainability. Design. “TogetheR+T” contributed to the world's leading trade fair specialized in blinds, doors/gates and solar protection systems continuing to write its success story. Sustainability was the central theme of this edition. Visitors were able to experience first-hand a wide range of innovative solutions aimed at meeting the high demands of end consumers around the world. In addition, part of the content of the event program was closely related to the issues of sustainability and energy efficiency and allowed the specialized audience to expand their own specialized knowledge in a specific way.

Likewise, there were other notable points from the event program that captured the attention of visitors to the R+T 2024 fair: the event began on the eve of the first day of the fair with the presentation of the prestigious R+T Innovation Award. In total, 29 products from 25 companies were awarded. Special prizes were also awarded in the areas of sustainability, design and a special jury prize. In the words of Sebastian Schmid: "At the award ceremony of the 32 awards for the most impressive and forward-looking innovations, the R+T fair once again significantly underlined its role as a platform for innovation."

In addition, other consolidated events of the event program, such as the Doors and Gates Forum, the R+T Smart-Home Forum, the ES-SO seminar, the special exhibition "Young Talents" or the "Battle of Craftsmanship" were held with the support of collaborating associations and associated media. Other program points specific to each target group were also addressed. For example, R+T Architecture Day brought together a large number of architects to the R+T 2024 edition. Also the special exhibition OUTDOOR. ATMOSPHERE. LIVING ROOM. attracted many visitors to the outdoor area of the Stuttgart exhibition center, where outdoor solutions for the 365-day outdoor season were presented. “The large number of visitors shows that the content of the event program has been able to measure the temperature of the sector,” adds Sebastian Schmid.

Very positive impressions

The general development of R+T 2024 shows the great success of the call. “All the days of the fair we saw nothing but smiling faces,” says Roland Bleinroth pleasantly. "And by this I mean the entire public: exhibitors, visitors and partners, as well as journalists." The fair stands were very busy in all pavilions.

With 61,232 visitors, R+T 2024 is at the same level as the previous edition of the fair in 2018. Visitors traveled to Stuttgart from 146 countries: 96 % of them confirm the great importance of R+T and underline In this sense, the relevance of personal exchange between professionals. 65 %o came from abroad, reaffirming the international nature of this world-leading fair. The professional qualification of visitors has increased even further compared to the 2018 edition. Nine out of ten respondents participate in making purchase and acquisition decisions. Investment and/or purchase intentions have increased: more than 80 % of decision makers affirm their intention to invest. Since the last edition in 2018, the R+T calendar of events has changed from Tuesday to Saturday to Monday to Friday. "The number of visitors has clearly shown us that this was the right decision," concludes Roland Bleinroth.

The next edition of R+T will take place in February 2027 at the Stuttgart exhibition grounds.


Highlighted impressions about R+T 2024:

Frank Rönnfeld, Vice President, Bundesverband Rolladen und Sonnenschutz eV (German Association for Blinds and Sun Protection Systems): “All participants are delighted that the world's most important trade fair can once again take place live in Stuttgart. The R+T was once again the outstanding event of our sector. It was like a big family reunion: during the fair we received numerous unions, vocational training schools and young professionals at our stand. We were also able to answer many questions about training and professional certification exams. In general, everything has gone very well. "It has been a dream come true."

Dirk Meyer-Tonndorf, President of the BVT – Verband Tore (German Association of Gate Manufacturers): «The R+T 2024 fair was a success for us as an association and also for our members. In particular, the Gate Forum, with its educational presentations, makes the R+T an informative and highly successful event. What I personally liked the most, and actually the most important theme of the fair, was without a doubt the meeting of all the market participants. Suppliers, clients or colleagues... no one was missing. This contact is essential for business success."

Sandra Musculus, President, Industrieverband Technische Textilien – Rolladen – Sonnenschutz (Industrial Association for Technical Fabrics, Blinds and Sun Protection Systems): «R+T 2024 was perfect for us. It allowed me to establish interesting contacts with decision-makers, general directors and representatives. It can be said that the most relevant players in the sector have met in Stuttgart. Furthermore, the support from attendees has been truly exceptional. R+T is one of my best experiences as a professional. "I haven't missed it since 2003."

Christian Steinberg, Global Market Board of Directors, WAREMA Group: «The R+T fair has been a complete success for us. We couldn't have imagined better results. We have found here the best target group, a large public related to the sector that showed great interest in our products and services. From the first day we were overwhelmed by the great attention received. We were also surprised by the international nature of the fair; We even served clients from Australia at our stand. Naturally, we are especially proud to have been awarded the Innovation Award for our SecuKit for retractable shades. We are truly delighted! »

Christopher Musculus, representative, Georg Musculus GmbH & Co. KG: «For us, the R+T fair is truly essential. It is an ideal tool to establish links with our clients and an optimal platform that helps us generate a large number of orders. Personal contact with our clients is very important to us. The pavilions were full of people, and it was easy to see that the entire sector had high expectations for this fair. “We were especially delighted to be able to celebrate our company's 100th anniversary here at R+T 2024.”

Francesco Franchini, CEO BA Central Europe, Somfy GmbH: «After six years of hiatus, expectations for R+T were very high, and satisfaction is total. At this fair, we have chosen to highlight the importance of sustainability and publicize our environmentally friendly solutions. At R+T 2024, we have been able to deliver these proposals to our clients in an optimal way. The impressions received show us that we are on the right path. The truth is that it has been a fantastic fair.

Friedrich W. Petrat, CEO, Hunter Douglas: «We are very satisfied with R+T 2024. Although, normally, the first day is usually calmer, the truth is that since Monday we have served many visitors from morning to afternoon. Being able to resume personal contact with clients from all over the world after six years is truly fabulous. I've been in the industry for over 50 years and I feel like I've been at R+T for just as long. There is no fair like it in all of Europe that comes close to it in size and importance. Without a doubt, we will repeat next time.

Manfred Heissenberger, General Manager Sales and Marketing, Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH: «From the first moment, we served a large number of people from all over the world interested in our products at our stand. For the first time, we have opted for sustainability as the central axis of our participation in a fair. The R+T Innovation Award 2024 awarded to our Öko Weave has meant a lot to us. The R+T fair is a very powerful fair for a very strong sector and, above all, it is very well organized. “It has been a very pleasant experience and we will be happy to return.”

Marc Meißner, CEO, Meißner GmbH Toranlagen: «The R+T fair is for us an essential event that gives us the opportunity to meet with the entire sector. We have participated in it for more than 20 years, during which we have received several awards for innovation. We are very happy to see that the sustainability of products is receiving more and more attention. Our Greonik rolling gates, made from recycled materials, have not only sparked the interest of new participants, but also of those who already knew us.

Pascal Cros, communications director, Stella Group: «The R+T fair has been a great success for our company that satisfies us enormously. We had a large stand that allowed us to meet an international audience and many interested people, to whom we could show the full variety of our offer. A highlight was the European Solar Shading Organization seminar. In this time of change, it is important to exchange impressions about the future, which is why our stand had the issue of sustainability as its central axis. If we want to change things, we can only do it by cooperating together. In that sense, the R+T 2024 fair is an ideal forum.

Paul Renson, CEO, Renson Sunprotection Screens NV: «We are delighted with the progress of the R+T 2024 fair. It is necessary to be able to see, feel and touch the quality, which is why fairs have a great future despite all the digital alternatives. This has allowed us not only to present our products, but also experiences. At our stand we have received visitors from all over the world who have given us their impressions about our products and services. Hearing these opinions is very important to us. Simply put, the R+T fair is an unmissable event.

Stephan Kleine, Managing Partner, GfA Elektromaten GmbH & Co. KG: «R+T 2024, from our point of view, has brought together in the same place a perfect cast of senior managers, general directors, clients, installers and technicians. Without a doubt, R+T can be classified as the world's leading fair. It is a great international fair and all the big players in the sector are here. "We look forward to the next edition of the fair in 2027."

Steffen Schaaf, Sales Director, Sommer Group: «The fair has been a fantastic experience in which we have achieved all our objectives. It made it possible to verify that the entire sector is moving in the same direction and that we look to the future in the same way. From the first day, our stand was very busy. We have had interesting conversations with a wide audience from different countries, with a lot of interest in our new sectional flood doors and our smart home solutions. This has allowed us not only to offer great service to our regular clients, but also to meet many new potential clients. There was a great atmosphere and the organization was simply excellent."

Dr. Theresa Schöne, Marketing Director, heroal – Johann Henkenjohann GmbH & Co. KG: «The joy that R+T 2024 was finally being held again live and in color was palpable throughout the venue. We take advantage of our participation to present our news and also communicate and interact with the public. We mainly focus on offering efficient advice and the integration of different solutions. The R+T fair, due to its richness and relevance, is unique in Germany and globally. The occasion also served us to celebrate a double anniversary: 150 years since the founding of our company and 55 years since the presentation of our aluminum slat with foam for blinds, precisely at the R+T fair in 1969.

Tobias Löhner, Marketing Director, ROMA KG: «We are very satisfied with the course of the R+T 2024 fair. We were able to enjoy a very positive atmosphere at our open stand. We have met with many customers and also with many people interested in our products. We have also had very interesting conversations, among others, on sustainability and digitalization. The attention to the attendees at Messe Stuttgart was also excellent. Truly, we can only say good things about the fair. R+T is and will always be a great family gathering for the sector.