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History and philosophy

TOLDO magazine began in 1987 with the same philosophy as today, serving the sun protection sector. For this reason, we believe that, as a reference magazine among companies and professionals in the sector for more than 36 years, we are the most suitable publication to represent their objectives and desires.

Specialized magazine of reference and quality of information

We are a sector and technical magazine. Both. For us these are not words empty of content, they mean respect for the sector, its professionals, readers, the right to information and the dissemination of the content that comes from it. Hence, we want to insist that our content is always created with rigor from the choice of sources to its placement on the page.

We move away from convenience articles empty of information and instead we are recognized much more for providing truthful information, from neutral and highly specialized sources. For this reason we publish technical articles highly applauded by the sector and our international exchanges are based on our weight as a reference specialized magazine.

Top-level international consultant

Our reach reaches 46 countries, obviously not all of them Spanish-speaking, which puts us in a truly privileged position on the international scene. As demonstrated by the fact that several international actors have requested our services as consultants, including the European Sun Protection Association (ES-SO), the Italian Sun Protection Association (Assites), the North American Association of Technical Fabrics (IFAI ), which in turn encompasses the North American Awning and Solar Protection Association (PAMA) and the Textile Architecture Association (FSA) and several reference fairs (Tende & Tecnica, R+T, Texwork, Construmat...) It should be noted that thanks to This distribution, the knowledge of the Spanish market from abroad is mostly that provided by TOLDO Magazine.

International fair organizer

Among the achievements of TOLDO Magazine is the successful organization of the Ibertoldo fair, specialized in sun protection and which organized its last edition in 2008. As a specialized fair organizer, TOLDO Magazine has been tested on several occasions by relevant fair entities international to collaborate, integrate or assimilate with them. Now, if the creation of this association is completed, the synergies generated could result in a much more powerful fair.

Actual distribution

Our actual distribution is 3,500 paper copies plus 700 digital shipments every two months (21,000 paper copies and 4,200 digital copies each year), no magazine that is considered our competition has either as many copies in each issue or the same number of editions per year. . The 80% is distributed in the Iberian Peninsula, the remaining 20% between Latin America and Europe.

Market leader

Our position in the market is that of a leader, something that is demonstrated not only taking into account distribution, dissemination and impact, but also because our content is creating a trend in the market both by subscribers and by other media that They follow in the wake of our information. Certain articles that appear in the magazine are often used as a reference for quality technical information by professionals and/or companies.

Internet and digital space

The magazine canopy has two digital spaces, one, the magazine's own, widely visited and a reference for its simplicity and ease of interaction. Let us remember that we have a website for use, something that the visitor appreciates, or at least that is what is evident from the high number of queries to The other, It is where the magazine is displayed in its e-book format with multiple links. In this way we expand the impact of both paper and web tools.

Reader profile

The magazine canopy is free and the majority groups among which it is distributed are: Manufacturers of awnings, manufacturers of canvases, manufacturers of other textile sun protection elements, manufacturers of hardware and automation for sun protection elements, machinery manufacturers, manufacturers of blinds and associated elements, architects, designers, decorators, installers, hospitality, associations national and international professionals. In the indicated groups we also include distributors.

Revista Toldo


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