Editor's note

If any company or professional is interested in publishing a press release, a novelty, a news item, a project or any other type of article that you think may be interesting for our group of readers, you can contact us at this same link with the idea of publication or directly with texts, images or videos related to the information you wish to publish.

TOLDO Magazine's protocol for all information is, first of all, to review the objective of the information, then to ensure that it is of interest to readers and that it is sufficiently explained and illustrated. Thus, anyone who wishes can send us texts, images, drawings, plans, sketches, videos or any other graphic means necessary to illustrate the texts. Likewise, you can send us texts or ideas so that TOLDO Magazine can turn them into articles.

TOLDO Magazine reserves the right to publish information as well as to edit any text, image, video or other means of information and/or illustration of any of the articles that you wish to publish.

After 30 years informing the sun protection sector, TOLDO magazine continues to provide information in an independent, objective, truthful, useful and free manner.

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