Bioclimatic pergolas are for all year round


Located on a wonderful 200-hectare estate surrounded by charming lakes and gardens, the Les Ormes resort is located 11 km from the 13th century Combourg Castle at the intersection of the roads leading to Saint-Malo and Mont Saint-Michel.

In this former bishop's estate, the Domaine des Ormes holiday village welcomes families and golf enthusiasts for a unique stay experience: the resort in fact has hotels with swimming pool and terrace bar, stables, tennis courts and a golf course with 18 holes.
An accommodation open all year round, even for a simple break, thanks to three bars and restaurants available to guests, among which the Club – House located in front of the golf course stands out.

The client's need was to cover the restaurant area to allow guests to enjoy the best of French brasserie-style cuisine, in complete tranquility and in all seasons of the year, even in adverse weather conditions.
The KE product chosen to satisfy this need is the KEDRY PRIME bioclimatic pergola, a modular aluminum shading structure with a roof of adjustable slats fixed to a perimeter transverse profile that allows rotation up to a maximum of 135°, and characterized by perimeter gutters that allow the discharge of water.

To satisfy the design needs, two different areas have been created, a first area, used as a restaurant area, composed of two attached modules, completely closed and protected by a Line Glass panoramic glass window for maximum comfort during breaks. And a second, more "open" area, used for the bar and cafeteria service, which consists of three attached modules and closed by panoramic Line Glass windows only on the left side.

A project that ensures that this hotel is in line with the irrefutable historical charm, suggesting the maximum possible integration of the roof with the pre-existing building to maintain the cozy atmosphere and enjoy the view of the castle.
The design and assistance service was able to offer a completely tailored product configuration, to respond to the needs of said context - which is part of those of luxury hotels - and offer guests a total wellness experience outdoors. free.


Data sheet

Project name: Les Ormes Domaine & Resort
Location: 35120 Dol-de-Bretagne, France
Client: Golf Club Les Ormes Domaine & Resort
Project led by PMO KE
Covered area: 126 m2
Installed products: 5 Kedry Prime, Corten color, with Line Glass panoramic windows

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